April 03, 2012

Marc Faber Warning

According to Marc Faber the world will face massive wealth destruction. Savers will lose 50% and many other investors will also lose much. This destruction will happen via super-high inflation or though war and social unrest or market collapse. He believes that all these might happen but not at once, probably one after another.

That is why he recommends investors to buy some land and property that is in second-tier cities. They might provide protection and independency in times of social unrest, war and such. They also offer good values and are good investments in his view. About stocks, Marc thinks that Japan will outperform other developed markets in 2012. We know that same as Kyle Bass, Marc Faber also thinks that the yen will weaken and that will probably boost stocks in Japan, especially of companies that export much (most Japanese stocks).

Marc Faber is a great contrarian investor and publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report. He is well known for his accurace predictions of stock market crashes and other correct calls on different investment assets.